Hello I’m Jenny Ghost!

I have decided to get started on a blog about my crazy family politics, according to statistics 80% of families are dysfunctional, we certainly fit into this bracket well.

So what is it about me that is so crazy and dysfunctional? I am a SAHM and I have had three boys,  I desperately wanted a girl in the mix but I didn’t have one and now it’s too expensive to feed any more people the way these boys are chomping down on anything not tied down in the fridge or pantry. So how do I cope with this? I make pretty girls things on my sewing machine. Blankets and burp cloths, if it’s pink, frilly, pretty, I will buy that fabric and turn it into something feminine, then sell it! Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys, they are so much fun! I do, however, long for pink ponies, rainbows and butterflies in a bedroom instead of black, greasy finger prints from fixing the bike, I long for a little girl to apply my lipstick in a Ronald McDonald style before eating it and then smearing it on the wall, I long for a little girl to wear the pretty princess dress and then get mud on it, I long for a little girl to get glitter in my carpet which will never come out, oh damn it, I just would have loved some pink around here!

And what is this crazy family dynamics I have with other family members? I have a mother and a brother with Bi-Polar Disorder, and my step dad has had to adapt in an amazing way to cope with both of them who are already funny as hell with the things they do!

So this is just a couple of aspects of my crazy life! I hope I have enthralled you enough to subscribe!