I Just Got The News


You may have read in previous blogs that my brother suffers from Bipolar Disorder type 2 with rapid cycle, he has now also been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, to top it off his psych has suggested he stay in a Mental Health Unit for a month. I have mixed feelings about this as I know he needs to be in there, it is the best place for him right now as he is really vulnerable at the moment. At this stage he is unable to get a job as it will simply slip through his fingers, this means he has to stay at my parents house where he doesn’t get along very well with my step dad and feels he could be kicked out at any given moment. His self esteem is absolutely shattered. He also needs to have his medication adjusted, he needs some serious cognitive training and there are some deep seated issues from his childhood which he desperately needs help with.

My brother and I have been through some really hard times together, we had to stick together, we were each others best friend for a long time and as much as I have tried to help where I could there is just nothing I can do for him at this point, that breaks my heart. I feel really helpless for the first time but at the same time relived that someone who is outside the situation, and who has dedicated their lives to, and has experience in helping, people like him will be able to give him a boost up.

I wish him peace first the first time in his life, peace is simply something which most people can easily obtain, yet it has always been just out of his reach. It is for this reason I really hope it all goes really well.

Let the sun set on these dark days, and a new dawn break on a new day, the first page of a new chapter.