Drawing The Battle Lines – Boys And Girls

I agreed to look after my friends two girls today while she was at work and having them around changes tho whole dynamic! Master 10 is walking around being all surly and bossy. Master 7 is having trouble co-operating, he is frustrated as he likes rules, he has a lot of them and girls like to challenge them by asking a lot of questions and Master 2 is loving the water fights outside and being adored by the girls! He’s just going with the flow. There has had to be quite a bit of adjustment on both sides as they all try to figure out how they all tick together.

I am noticing that with the girls that they have a lot of temper tantrums. Miss 8 flies into a rage, cries and runs away, and Miss 10 stands there with her arms crossed and passively aggressively talks to “herself” about how and why the situation sucks. A far cry from my boys who get into a punch up which I have to break up and sending them into different rooms to cool off, then they’re friends again after saying sorry to one another. Girls seem to seethe and harbour for a lot longer.

Honestly I have idea how to mediate right now! With the boys I can talk to them about an incident and they take it in their stride, the girls are more intent on being the victim in the situation. I’m just down to ignoring the behaviour I don’t like at this point as I don’t like to argue, it goes nowhere, we all seem to be able to come to an understanding.

With this said, however I know that everyone is different, really it just comes down to personality and what the group dynamic is. I’m hoping this will remain as relaxed and happy as it has been for the most part for the rest of this 12 hour stint. I may blog later on the progress, and by that point the tone may have changed quite a bit!

4 thoughts on “Drawing The Battle Lines – Boys And Girls

  1. I have a son and a daughter. They get on extremely well 99.9% of the time. However at .10% was total madness. They new all the precise buttons to press for any desired reaction. But , it a the style of argument was different. My boy was loud , tossed a thing or two, retreated, while my daughter frumped off with a slam of a door echoing in her wake. Ten minutes later my son was over it. He would go tapping on his sisters door, thinking he had a friend ready for the next activity he was thinking to try , only to find she sulked for hours. They certainly had very different conflict resolution methods. I found I tended to keep out of anything that looked like it wouldn’t end in death or total mayhem cause then they ganged up together on the new victim…. me 🙂

    • This comment gave me a laugh!! I had to lay down some rues with the oldest girl and ever since she has been looking at me like her little mind is ticking over, it is terrifying! Unfortunately I also remember how I used to manipulate my little brother into doing things I knew were naughty so he would get into trouble and not me, and to top it off I would say “I tried to tell him not to do it!” He got wise though after a while 🙂

      Today has definitely taught me that boys are a bit more laid back, but girls have this wonderful ability to be able to communicate depth of soul. With boys you know it’s there, but in a different way.

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